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About The W Bridge Company

Sanford (Sandy) Weinstein, President & CEO

As the longest serving Chief Financial Officer (CFO/EVP- Finance) in the 102 year history of Goodwill of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc., Sandy presented to the icons of industry for over 20 years at Goodwill's Board Meetings.  In addition, Sandy is very proud to say that he spoke to 5 successive classes of the United States War College (Master's Program) regarding nonprofit management, and has testified in front of the New York City Council.  Sandy is equally as comfortable presenting to the board member who owns the local hardware store down the street as to the President of one of the world's largest banks. 

Today, instead of working with one board, Sandy  with help from his teammates, is able to play the role of CFO at your next nonprofit board meeting or important presentation - no matter how large or small your organization may be. And of course, if you are in need of interim help with your Controller or CFO position, we can help you there as well. 

Our mission

It is the guiding principal of The W Bridge Company that we can represent management to your nonprofit board with the integrity and confidence that you deserve. We will explain the financial results and financial position in the simplest of layman's terms, both in a written report, and during the board meeting presentations. In addition, we thrive on the review and consulting of special projects that management or the board may want to further analyze. We are available to any nonprofits throughout the United States and Canada.

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